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By Loves cars and bikes (anonymous) | Posted October 10, 2014 at 06:54:55

After reading all of this, I really do think it's time for some PEACEFUL critical mass rides.

Make them as big as we can and during morning or afternoon rush hour.

Power in numbers.

This is the only way we can make everyone realize that there is more cyclists than the population of this city thinks there is.

This city needs a culture shift, and the only way it will change is if a massive group of riders rolls past a person in a car waiting at the light that is probably driving less than 10km to work.

We can complain to the city all we want, but as it stands our cycling committee is quite small and cyclists do not have a voice.

This city should also implement a cycling committee membership like they have in Toronto.

The more members the louder the voice.

As it stands, the motorists view us as a bunch of complaining people who should just "get a car" when in reality we all know this is not true.

There is a reason the Yes we Cannon mission worked, they were loud and proud and had a voice.

Until there is bike lanes leading to the local Walmart, a certain demographic is not going to change their habits. These are people that live in the suburbs and like going to the one stop plaza to get the weeks rations.

People are like cattle, unless they see the other cows doing it they won't even try.

Honestly, it just seems like a few people complaining.

We need a louder voice.

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