Comment 105302

By jason (registered) | Posted October 09, 2014 at 22:01:31 in reply to Comment 105301

Well said.

I wouldn't expect any road resurfacing. Cannon and Hunter west of Bay is in horrendous shape, but was left as is for the cycle tracks.

I'm really confused as to why the Charlton lanes won't extend past Locke. It is a hugely wide roadway west of Locke. Even wider than the portion between Locke and Queen.

On the bright side, Charlton will only have 1 car lane now from James to Hess which is great. Any lane reduction on our one-ways is always good news.

Still perplexed why we need 3 turn lanes on Herkimer at James. Surely 2 turn lanes would have been fine, and a bike box could be installed to allow cyclists to go left.

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