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By StephenBarath (registered) | Posted October 09, 2014 at 08:57:28

So, no bike lanes west of Locke. I suppose there’s little call for them as Dundurn bike lanes are pretty well useless (entirely unprotected, blocked by stopped vehicles at times, encroached by vehicles passing others with regularity, adjacent to high-turnover parking used by the least patient of the Beer Store’s clientele).

I would be really curious how narrow was deemed too narrow for the lanes at Herkimer- how narrow specifically would they have been to accommodate the same bike lanes as east of Locke? On Charlton, I think that the lanes must be plenty wide since traffic is able to move so fast down them. I suppose I’m wrong and they are narrower than I assume.

It’s positive that some stretches of these two streets will be narrowed- both move insanely quickly given that they are entirely residential for long stretches. I agree that Queen/Charlton should be redesigned as a normal intersection, but I bet removing one left-turn lane will be a good development. Crossing Queen on the south side of the intersection often results in being cut off by motorists too busy worrying about the car turning left next to them to yield to people on foot. Possibly that will improve a little.

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