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By gregsmith (registered) | Posted October 08, 2014 at 23:01:02

It seems virtually every piece of cycling infrastructure has come with a compromise. This is a detriment to those for and against cycling. Those for are frustrated by the lack of progress and connectivity. It makes attracting new, occasional cyclists difficult as they do not like being dumped into live lanes of traffic. Those against cycle tracks look at the empty bike lanes and feel they're not being utiliized. I live between Locke and Dundurn on Charlton St. It has room for parking on both sides plus an active lane of traffic. With parking only on the South side the street sees a lot of high speed due to the width. A bike lane through this section will have a traffic calming affect as the street will feel narrower for drivers. Even I as a resident of this section have to consciously think "don't speed" when I enter this stretch; it just feels like a drag strip. As for the bike system on a whole I can't help but think we try too hard to be unique. There's an unending list of other places that have figured this out. Let's learn from others. Why not call up the cycling infrastructure division of Montreal, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, etc. and ask for a tip? "Hey Montreal cycling advocate, I've got this tricky bit of road to figure out, any ideas? Here's a pic of our situation". Could it not be so simple?

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