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By KevinLove (registered) | Posted October 08, 2014 at 20:22:32

This is an insanely dangerous design. Putting a bike lane in a door zone means that the most dangerous place on the entire road to ride a bike is in the bike lane. This fails to learn any lessons from the failed bike lanes on Dundurn.

The correct solution is to use security bollards to eliminate rat-running "cut-through" car traffic from Herkimer, Charlton and all other residential streets. This is something that the Durand Neighbourhood Association has been asking for since 1976!

Once all the rat-running "cut-through" car traffic has been eliminated, bicycle lanes are not necessary. If these roads are through roads only for cyclists, pedestrians and public transit (using retractable bollards) then there will be very little car traffic. Safe for everyone!

Here is a description and video of how to do this for every residential neighbourhood in a city. See:

Here is a quotation from the above link:

Residential streets in the Netherlands rarely work as through roads for cars, even if they were originally designed to do so. This makes them excellent places to cycle or walk with a high degree of comfort and safety.

Please see the video and read the text to see how effectively this works for an entire country. This is what we need in Hamilton, not dangerous door-zone bike lanes!

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