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By jason (registered) | Posted October 08, 2014 at 17:57:39 in reply to Comment 105264

agree with your thought process here. Def don't like seeing bad streets left bad. Although in the case of Herkimer it could be argued that this is a close to a complete street as we'll see. Parking is on both sides and now a bike lane with only 1 lane for car traffic. Personally I'd like to see the parking on both sides be left 24-7, and the bike lane moved to the curb. Queen should be made 2-way, but only 1 lane each way with parking retained on the east side all the way to York. This would allow Mtn residents direct access to King, Main, York, Cannon and Barton without cutting through Durand or Kirkendall. And if by chance Queen St residents don't need the parking out front north of Herkimer, we could add bike lanes both ways on Queen from Aberdeen to Barton.

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