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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted October 08, 2014 at 17:13:01 in reply to Comment 105264

That's an interesting point. There has always been some hospital employee parking at least as far as Queen on Charlton, but since they raised the rates at St Joe's the spots are taken all day long by hospital employees who leave their cars while they work. And this is even true in the block between Hess and Caroline. I've seen the many of same cars park outside our house almost every morning for the past few months.

It's good that hospital employees are getting more walking, but it is maybe a bit unfair to use city streets to park for free all day five days a week to avoid paying for parking at your place of work.

And there is bit of a negative to residents because it has now become difficult for visitors or tradespeople deliveries to find temporary street parking.

And, ideally there should be more businesses on the street (like the corner store at Caroline and Charlton that has been closed for years) and they would benefit from having access to parking. Like many things, putting a reasonable price on parking would help it be used for efficiently.

(Note that because overnight parking is not allowed on Charlton and Herkimer it doesn't affect the residential parking supply.)

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