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By jason (registered) | Posted October 03, 2014 at 21:42:09

imagine if citizens weren't keeping up on every. single. thing? Imagine how much more could get done if we cleaned house at city hall and got staff/managers who actually traveled once in a while and learned to bring the worlds best practices back here instead of acting like the 50's-70's are going to come back in style someday?

While they are at it, how about finishing Hunter? We don't need two lanes from John to Bay. Finish the bike lanes and this will still allow for a right turn lane onto John, a left turn onto James and a right turn onto Bay. That's all that is needed.

And I would still love to see them move the parking to the south lane to act as protection for the bike lanes along Hunters entire length. Would become a very useful and safe piece of cycling infrastructure.

Speaking of which, I see the painting has begun on Charlton and to nobody's surprise, cyclists get the privilege of protecting the parking lane. Again.

Why do we continue to install out of date, dangerous bike lanes, when a simple shuffling of the parking/bike lane can bring some of the safest design possible. One of the reasons NYC beat out Portland as the #1 bike city in America this year is due to it's network of protected bike lanes.

We could be doing this on Charlton and Herkimer:

Instead of this:

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