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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted October 03, 2014 at 13:22:03 in reply to Comment 105198

That's correct: at an uncontrolled crosswalk (i.e. an intersection without stop signs or traffic lights) a motorist does not have to stop for a pedestrian just standing on the sidewalk.

However, once a pedestrian is engaged in crossing (i.e. takes one foot off the sidewalk) the motorist must yield.

This was discussed in great detail here:

However, the pedestrian only has to wait for a gap large enough that the motorist has time to stop safely. This does not mean that the gap should be so large that the motorist should not have to slow down or stop.

As an example, for a motorist going at 50km/h a safe stopping distance on dry pavement is about 25m (including both reaction time and braking time). So if the motorist is about 25 m away, that should be a safe gap.

Unfortunately, anyone who has tried crossing at uncontrolled crosswalks in Hamilton knows that even when you are in the middle of the street most motorists won't take their foot off the accelerator, let alone brake and stop. You are expected to run if you don't want to be hit!

I had several experiences like that at this precise crosswalk, before the lights were installed. And Hunter isn't even a busy street like James or Main or King. Try asserting your right to cross those streets safely!

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