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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted October 03, 2014 at 09:49:32

This crosswalk goes a little way to addressing the longstanding problem that many streets in Hamilton have many block stretches with no crosswalk or signalized intersection.

Since motorists have forgotten that they are required to stop for pedestrians crossing at a so-called "uncontrolled crosswalk" (and pedestrians must wait for a large enough gap so motorists can stop safely), it means pedestrians have to risk darting across traffic or wait (often a very long time) for a gap so large motorists don't even need to slow down. Or they have to walk (often many hundreds of metres) to the nearest crosswalk.

A good example is Dundurn street, which has no crosswalks or signalized intersections between Herkimer and Main, a distance of 750m!

A pedestrian activated light is great, but at $150k it is not a solution for most locations. We should move to a simple "painted lines and signs" crosswalk standard such as that used in western Canada or most other countries.

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