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By RobF (registered) | Posted October 01, 2014 at 15:44:07 in reply to Comment 105075

Hilson is using a long-rejected proposal from Metrolinx as the basis. The provincial government has elected to use an entirely different funding model.

I was aware of the source. I hadn't realized he simply took their estimates. Rapid Ready is clear about LRT, but the city appears to be split. My question was directed at determining whether these "cost" figures incorporate benefits? Aside from being a transit improvement, LRT is expected to have additional economic benefits. I'm tired of the anti-LRT crowd pointing only to costs and never addressing revenue positive aspects of the investment, not to mention reduced operating costs.

Of course, I read Hilson's piece as setting up an entirely different debate. He seems to want to take us out of the GTHA, so that we could spend the money entirely differently ... like on Waterfront Development, Aerotropolis, or the Mid-Pen highway (take your pick). We need to start asking what lies behind door number 2. Whose interests in this town align with not to steering development/intensification toward the B-Line corridor as a whole?

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