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By Starbuck (registered) | Posted October 01, 2014 at 15:14:48 in reply to Comment 105089

So Hilson's lying then?

By the way, the Ontario budget....

Ontario’s new plan for dedicated funds for public transit, transportation infrastructure, and other priority infrastructure projects is based on the following principles:

The two new dedicated funds should be supported by dedicated sources of revenue;
New dedicated revenue sources should not increase taxes on low- to middle-income individuals;
Allocating dedicated funds proceeds between the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) and the rest of the province should be done in a way that is fair, accountable and transparent;
Dedicated funds proceeds should be substantially applied to specific transportation and other critical infrastructure projects; and
The two new dedicated funds should be transparent and managed with strong accountability mechanisms.

The government will not increase the tax on gasoline, the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), education property taxes, or personal income taxes on low- to middle-income individuals.

Two new dedicated funds would be created to support infrastructure projects that are essential to Ontario’s immediate and long-term economic growth and job creation:

The Province would dedicate a new fund to help address congestion in the GTHA; and
New dedicated funding would also be set aside to invest in roads, bridges, public transit and other critical infrastructure outside the GTHA.

As the proceeds for these new dedicated funds would be raised province-wide, it is proposed that they be allocated to the GTHA and the rest of the province using census data from Statistics Canada. By allocating the proceeds to the two funds by population, the Province would ensure that the allocation is fair, accountable and transparent.

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