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By RobF (registered) | Posted October 01, 2014 at 11:22:42

Can someone help me. How does Hilson arrive at his projected "tax-increases" (i.e. the per capita or per family dollar figures)? I've seen these numbers bandied about before. Are they the result of a straightforward spreading of the total cost of proposed capital spending on Metrolinx's Big Move across the existing population/tax-base or do they account for the anticipated economic benefits and efficiencies generated by investment in transportation improvements? How would improvements to our tax base from LRT, from redevelopment and infilling, factor into the distribution of costs?

Stepping back from the specifics, this looks to me like a new permutation of the anti-LRT position as well. Hilson's argument is effectively questioning whether we should be included in the Big Move. He's laying the groundwork for an entirely more problematic political position -- one that would hive us off from the GTHA and neutralize the claim that if we don't build LRT someone else will get our slice of the Metrolinx spending pie.

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