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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted September 29, 2014 at 14:17:54 in reply to Comment 104948

Remember, the province actually promised two rapid transit lines so, ideally we should be building both the A-line and B-line.

And the Rapid transit team was already starting to plan the A-line when they were abruptly shut down in summer 2011.

But there are many good reasons (detailed in the City and and Provincial reports) why the B-line is the highest priority.

It is interesting that they used the usual "business case" language in the budget announcement, but given the planning Metrolinx has done, the BCA's would fulfill the requirements of a "business case". I'm pretty sure they're not planning on re-doing all the BCA's they've already done on these projects!

Just to be clear, this is what the BCA's considered:

"The BCA examines several different high-level transit options within the context of a spectrum of considerations: transportation user benefits compared to the financial impact; good value for tax-payer dollars; environmental, economic and social benefits of the various alternatives; the impacts that a project has on communities; and alignment with the current policy objectives."

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