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By RobF (registered) | Posted September 27, 2014 at 15:38:42 in reply to Comment 104897

If council has any brains they'll pay attention to data like this

Not to be too cynical, but councilors pay attention to two things: voters and donors. If they think these poll numbers will translate into votes on election day they'll get on board (contrary to popular belief they listen carefully to what people say when they are out knocking on doors and so forth). They also pay attention to their finances. If financial backers and contributions start flowing to candidates supporting LRT things will change in a hurry.

The young, educated, tech-savy workforce is who we are targeting over the next 30 years of city-building.

This may be so, but it's the voters today who determine who has political power at City Hall. Not enough emphasis on their needs and you get a populist backlash. Right now Hamilton is in transition. This is a tricky place to be from a political standpoint ... the old is receding but not yet dead and the new is emergent, but not yet dominant (well actually, the old is still pretty dominant and the new is pretty nascent). I would like to think that council is thinking about the next 30 years, but the reality is they think in election cycles.

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