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By TheBaldasaro (registered) - website | Posted September 26, 2014 at 17:08:27

@TheBaldasaro: BRT/LRT My business plan supports beefing up BRT to expand service and shorten wait times. My plan includes an LRT-LOOP from GO BUS STATION on James , South to GO RAIL STATION on James, North of Barton. Travelling North on Bay, South on James, East and west between King and Hunter, it encompass the new HSR/BRT Station on MacNab. This is the only LRT that makes sense. It is the HEART OF THE SYSTEM to follow. (Fossil fuelled BRT = tomorrows dinosaur.) GO to Go Service will serve all East and West BRT Routes of the G.H.A. It will attract local and out-of-town Tourism and Toronto Commuters to our Condos. This our plan is our best opportunity for creating a sustainable and expandable BRT/LRT which benefits the entire City. See LRT vs. BRT

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