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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted September 25, 2014 at 20:39:05 in reply to Comment 104863

This has nothing to do with the students and everything to do with the landlords. Landowners are failing to live up to the responsibilities of property ownership and are allowing the quality of the property to slide to unacceptable levels. The city does not have the resources to enforce all the bylaws on these rental houses, so they need licensing to

a) Pay staff to do extra enforcement and

b) Have something to revoke.

I fondly remember my undergrad, I'd never want to take away the fun of living in a student neighborhood from Mac's classes, but many people are exploiting the students to pay for their real-estate speculation at the expense of the people of Westdale (both student and homeowner) and it's ludicrous to defend them.

They brought this bylaw on themselves with every unshoveled walk, every unremoved wasp's nest or raccoon den, every rotting front porch, every fire-trap house decaying into the ground.

There are many good renters, and many bad ones who just want to speculate the market while doing as little work as possible... they could have just bought Apple shares instead of screwing up our neighbourhood. You can thank those people for this crap.

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