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By RobF (registered) | Posted September 25, 2014 at 17:46:28 in reply to Comment 104861

I would say that the selection of which is better has been done, approved, studied, voted, etc. and has resulted in a body of work that stands before us.

Does it seem as though i disagree?

The fact that the work has been done allows all those against the idea to pull on individual threads of doubt to seed fear, misinformation and, frankly, deception.

All the more reason to defend the merits of LRT, rather than claim that it is too far along to change course. It isn't. It really isn't. History tells us that. If the provincial government, under Harris, can fill in part of a subway tunnel on Eglinton West and move the line to Sheppard East, then at our stage in the process anything can happen if the political will is there. I support LRT. And yes, I suspect that Clark's BRT position is really just a ruse to do nothing. I've said that in other posts.

I have not heard a factual, cogent argument against LRT in Hamilton.

You want to know a secret ... neither have I.

You need to read my original post carefully. It was a gentle critique of call for a post-political approach to politics at City Hall. Not a call for a "reset" on LRT ... whatever, that means.

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