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By Steve (registered) | Posted September 15, 2014 at 16:58:52

Rode it today eastbound from Bay Street to Chestnut, as it's still closed for the last little bit to Sherman and I wanted to respect the closed sign.

It's a great ride with many others cycling along it as well!

As Ryan stated already, I hope it's a game-changer for cycling infrastructure in Hamilton. Next is to extend it to Ottawa Street, heck why not all the way to Kenilworth (before Sam expropriates the buildings), or even Parkdale. Also, we need to look at some North-South bike lanes to connect to Cannon, the Radial Trail and more.

Hamilton could easily become the most cycle friendly city in Canada in a few quick and easy steps.

Note, the only blockage was a Bodyline Auto pick-up making a delivery blocking the sidewalk and the eastbound bike lane. A pain, but still pretty good.

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