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By Valley (anonymous) | Posted August 29, 2014 at 11:29:34

It makes perfect logical sense why the West Harbour has been preserved to not include a monstrosity type sports stadium and now can be transformed into an arts and theatre district extending down from James St. N. Thankfully there were those that understood this and prevented, as I say, the area from being infested with a sports stadium. The people from out of town whom I have brought down to the harbourfront are awed by the beauty and tranquility and peacefulness. I can't imagine for the life of me if I brought them down with yelling and screaming sports fans how their image of the harbourfront would have been so much inferior.

Yes, Bob Young and others were thinking and that is why they at least didn't allow a sports stadium to be built there. Others were not thinking, obviously. Yes, there is some inconvenience in the short term with the iconic and historic IWS site remaining the site of the new stadium and this is not what Bob Young and many others preferred but in the end, after all the politics, the two main points are one, the West Harbour is preserved for future generations for proper planning without a large sports stadium detracting from the beauty and arts aspect of what the area deserves and two, Hamilton now has a new sports stadium to showcase to the nation that we are a city that can do things in spite of politics and with the help of politics.

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