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By ViennaCafe (registered) | Posted August 25, 2014 at 11:09:37

Thank you for the comment, RobF. I agree the funding formula is an important part of the equation. However, I think it is fair to argue that rural and inner city schools have faced the lion's share of closures and both, rural and inner city, are faced with similar challenges in terms of aging populations and a migration of young people to suburban and exurban communities. But I think the crux of my argument is that even in suburban communities, if we build walkable neighbourhoods, with the current funding model, we can have walkable, neighbourhood schools. For example:

"Mount Pleasant Village, built by Mattamy Homes, sits in the city’s northwest: a community with 1,300 dwellings. It’s suburban living completely re-thought: You can take your kids to school, visit the library, get your hair cut, sip a latte, grab your dry cleaning, and get on to the local commuter train – all within a five-minute walk of your home."

"Mount Pleasant Village Public School is a new school, nestled behind the GO station. The community is designed to be a "walking community" with access to public transit and local shops built close by."

It can be done.

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