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By jason (registered) | Posted August 15, 2014 at 11:55:33 in reply to Comment 103990

(the move back to 2-way on Victoria north of Barton isn't based on the general case against 1-ways, but to address a very specific operational problem impacting EMS vehicles).

THIS is the case against one-ways! They don't work for anyone, anywhere except people wanting to go pedal to the medal through town. But for residents, shoppers, police, EMS, deliveries, cyclists, pedestrians they do not work. They add circuitous routes to everyday life, driving around and around blocks, doubling back once you realize you haven't gone far enough; out of the way routes for cyclists and EMS vehicles. Not to mention their damage to sidewalk patios. Why is College St in TO lined with patios, but Main St in Hamilton is a ghost town? Heck, when I drive to and from work part of my trip involves using someone's quiet residential street as a shortcut from my office on Main back over to King so I can go west. In any normal city, I pull out and go west on Main and family streets can become safe kid-friendly places again. No matter which angle anyone uses, one-way streets do not work except if we value our urban neighbourhoods as a 60-second shortcut via freeway.
The burden of proof is 100% on city hall and it's "planners" to explain why they allow these economic drains to remain in our city.

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