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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted August 15, 2014 at 00:38:34 in reply to Comment 103961

Oooh, exciting.... wait.

I hate to bag on bike lanes, but did they actually ask anybody about these? Who the heck is this supposed to help? I mean, the Herkimer and Caroline ones make sense if your'e going to continue the ludicrous concept that those streets need to remain one-way, but the Bay Street ones? Has anybody at city hall ever tried biking west from York at Bay? Being able to go north isn't the problem, south and west is. They proposed 2 new lanes to interact with the new Cannon Bike lanes and managed to solve a sum total of zero east/west commuter problems. Bay to Queen is still a giant dead freaking end for westbound cyclists, unless they want to go ride on Queen and, y'know, die. They start the Bay Street lane north of York where it doesn't help anybody trying to bike up from Market Street or Downtown.

Every day I see other cyclists on my morning and evening commute, and every day I see us all breaking the same laws. Cheating our way from York at Bay to Napier, or going eastbound through Napier at Queen (which is illegal because reasons).

Give me a stop light at Queen and Napier and a 2-way Bay (or Hess, I guess, once Cannon is done) and I don't care what other bike lanes you build.

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