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By jason (registered) | Posted August 13, 2014 at 11:10:56

I agree there is lots of potential with these new tools, but will refrain from being optimistic given the first draft of the courtesy crossings was so ridiculous.

Was in Port Elgin and Southampton, ON for vacation this summer and they have Ped X crossings in both towns. All the cottagers from Hamilton had no problem obeying the flashing beacons. And if you've seen the new ones in Toronto they have lights that shine down onto the crosswalk at night illuminating it and making it very visible.

In fact, a week in Sauble Beach, Port Elgin with all the McMaster sweater-wearers, Hamilton car dealer license plate frames and meeting person after person from the Hammer and yet everyone drove safe with all the bikes sharing the road, kids were riding all over town, ped x crossings were obeyed. We aren't idiots in this city. We just drive like it because our roads are engineered to encourage it.

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