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By jason (registered) | Posted August 05, 2014 at 14:44:13 in reply to Comment 103736

It all adds up one person at a time. Folks who work near the GO Stations in Burlington/Oakville would benefit. Those who work close enough to Hamilton to take the trip by bike. And then, like I mentioned, the vast majority of Hamiltonians who work here in Hamilton would have other options besides their car, which would free up road space for those taking the RHVP/Linc/403 detour.

I live near between King W and York. Both were crawling until after 10pm Friday with folks choosing to come through the city instead of the above-mentioned detour route. Detour routes through Hamilton simply wouldn't be as crammed if locals had any other way to get around. Unfortunately city hall believes the car should be the only way folks travel, and therefore we can prepare to enjoy more commutes like Friday's in the future.

I'm not advocating we make these investments in case half a highway ever closes again. I'm suggesting we do it because it's proven to be the only way to allow tremendous growth without turning into LA, or suburban Toronto. As our city and region grow, we will extend the life of all roads/freeways by giving folks good options. A few years ago it was reported that traffic hadn't increased on the Gardiner Expressway in over 15 years despite all the growth in downtown TO and millions more in the GTA. This is what happens when there are other options.

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