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By jason (registered) | Posted August 05, 2014 at 12:58:02 in reply to Comment 103732

Not sure who this ? is directed at, but I'll take a stab. Lol

With 70% of Hamiltonians working IN Hamilton, higher order rapid transit both east/west and from the mountain to lower city would allow a huge portion of those folks to ditch their cars on a day like last Friday and take LRT, BRT to work. It would also make the prospect of taking the GO Train into the GTA more appealing to those who need to commute further afield knowing that their BRT/LRT ride and GO Train ride will be unaffected by the partial QEW closure. In the absence of such transit options, why would anyone choose to sit on an HSR bus stopping every 45 feet and stuck in the same traffic clogged roads as they would be in their comfortable car?

Proper transit options free up valuable road space for folks who need their cars/trucks and are commuting somewhere not served well by transit. Currently, that pretty much describes everywhere.
Hence, all local commuters, those traveling to Burlington and those headed all the way to TO are stuck in their cars since we have provided zero alternatives.
Now the QEW is open and all is back to normal, but we should learn from an experience like this and start building now for future capacity. We saw what happened by simply losing half of one freeway. Add the projected millions more people into the Golden Horseshoe and this type of traffic will be the norm if we continue to only build roads and not rapid transit, walkable neighbourhoods and protected city-wide and inter-city cycling networks.

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