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By jason (registered) | Posted August 05, 2014 at 11:33:40 in reply to Comment 103692

LRT last Friday would have been jammed and full of riders all day long due to the partial QEW closure. People would have been grateful for the option. Remember, 70% of Hamiltonians work in Hamilton. Most of them downtown. Tens of thousands of usual car-drivers would have left the car at home for a few days and used BRT+LRT from all corners of the city IF we had invested in such transportation options decades ago when we had the chance. All of these folks jumping on transit to avoid the road delays would have meant many more people getting to work on time, and would have freed up valuable road space for folks who truly need their cars/trucks for work. More options means everyone wins. In the absence of any alternatives, everyone sat by themselves in their cars in long traffic jams. Not a single safe bike route across the city, horrible transit, no all day GO Train service from Niagara to Hamilton to TO.
When all you invest in is highways and cars for decades, the result when HALF of a single highway is closed is a colossal mess.

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