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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted August 01, 2014 at 23:32:22 in reply to Comment 103692

The roads absolutely end up over capacity when they become EDRs for a total highway closure. This is a tiny, tiny, part of the time. And a problem of this duration, it was said, has not occurred on the Skyway in the last 20 years. So this isn't just an outlier, it's unprecedented, it was said.

This particular spot sure is one of the worst for that to happen. But anywhere between here and Oshawa (at least) is going to experience bedlam during business hours, if a highway closes down unexpectedly.

Essentially all of the time this is not the case. Hence cities develop themselves to what is appropriate on a normal basis. Developing a city such that traffic free flows through your CBD even when carrying the detoured traffic of an entire freeway; seems like an unlikely expectation.

Adjusting traffic signal timings for this situation, now that is appropriate to an EDR plan. As Hamilton's traffic lights are computerized, this will be done more easily and more readily. In fact, they could have had a software preset ready to go, and activated a computerized EDR immediately on Thursday, if the system was complete. That is the desired capability they are implementing.

Linc and Red Hill didn't exist not that long ago. Today they operate at 85% utilization on a normal day. No matter how many highways are built, subdivisions and development, and induced demand, always fill them up somehow, and there is never a good time when a crash shuts one down.

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