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By Dale (anonymous) | Posted July 14, 2014 at 15:40:35 in reply to Comment 33138

JonC I have read all these comments and only one of yours bugs me. Like you I walk my dogs illegally offleash in the park, I am fully engaged with them playing and running around, not once is my attention taken off them so I can always recall them if needed or if I see others walking dogs. But to say a dog that bites is in an irresponsible home it just false, what if it was a rescue? What if the situation the dog was cornered by other dogs and had to protect itself. MY dog has been in many tuffels in the dog park, but I have control of her I once had her in a dog while another dog bit at her. Is that dog in a bad home? no it was telling my dog off. I care for my dog very well and we have done endless obedience training to this day and we do agility, has she bit another dog, hell yes, has she bit a person no. But I have seen it personally where a dog accidentally bit someone because they had a ball in their hand and were running with it. Is this a bad dog? I don't think so.

Also not to JonC, but people with kids with fear of dogs, EDUCATE YOU DAMN KIDS! I have had 'fearful' kids come up to my 80lb Malmute and ask to pet them, but parents come and grab their kid away. Some have even said sorry he can't he is afraid... Really kids only know fear from what their parents tell them or what their parents fear.

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