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By wally (anonymous) | Posted July 10, 2014 at 17:28:27

An advantage of BRT is that buses are free at certain points to leave the busway and become local service. This is flexibility that LRT does not have. If there is an accident blocking the tracks, an LRT is screwed. If a bus unit breaks down, the transit authority could probably divert standard units. You likely already have a bus repair depot, and so do not have to invest in a 20-acre train yard as LRT requires.

While buses do spew pollutants, LRT are not necessarily end-to-end cleaner. The electricity might come from Niagara falls, but then again, it might be imported from a coal-burning US plant. Newer bus generations of clean diesel or diesel hybrids might help as well. Rubber tires on buses do wear quicker than steel wheels LRT but are probably quieter. FWIW Montreal subway uses rubber tires.

Buses do not have unsightly overhead wires.

Finally, I'm guessing an articulated bus has about the same capacity as a 2-unit LRT.

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