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By hshields (registered) - website | Posted July 10, 2014 at 16:41:18

For my part, there isn't much confusion in what has been promised. The Government of Ontario has promised to cover the capital costs of whatever transit system Hamilton chooses. To top that, we are all Ontario and Hamilton taxpayers so, one way or another, those capital costs are being addressed. The big question is, not what is affordable, but what is appropriate.

RTH has mentioned several times the lower city, at its current level of HSR service, is actually making money! See "pass-by" references above and existing demand to support LRT/BRT of whatever right out of the gate. So, the question in the lower city is not how to grow ridership from scratch (unlike other parts of the GTA) but rather how do we build on already good ridership to attract non-riders and how to accelerate the development of the lower city?

If we go into the BRT/LRT debate with that question top of mind, the issues turns quickly from being a simple point a to point b in as cheap a way as possible debate into how much investment dollars can be spent to get as big a return as possible in property tax elevations.

LRT wins hands down from every study or report or case example I've seen.

I think that answer gets lost in the confusion over what LRT is suppose to be.

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