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By AnjoMan (registered) | Posted July 09, 2014 at 10:14:36 in reply to Comment 103095

How long would it take to recoup the difference in capital costs?

Zero days. The Provincial government has committed to fully fund the capital cost for whatever rapid transit Hamilton decides to implement. For the city of Hamilton there is no benefit to choosing the technology with a cheaper initial investment and every advantage to choosing the one with a lower operating cost (i.e. LRT).

From the point of view of the Province, the incremental cost of LRT over BRT is a drop in the bucket in the context of all the projects in the Big Move, so for them it doesn't make sense to choose BRT purely as a way of making the project affordable; Their goal is improving regional and local transit so presumably they would want Hamilton to choose based on what is more suitable, not what is more affordable. Remember that the Province is not paying the operating costs, so they don't get to recoup capital investment by saving on operating costs.

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