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By The Letter Writer (anonymous) | Posted June 30, 2014 at 00:42:56

Hate to nitpick but..

I was neither an intern nor at City Hall. I was a co-op student working at City Centre (Transportation is almost exclusively based there, not at City Hall).

I also submitted the design to RTH as an individual, not a City employee. I was never assigned to the Hunter Street project.

Also, despite working in this field, I was unable to conceptualize the widths you stated because we always use metric units in Canada. Fortunately I saw the actual designs (in metric), so I can confirm that there is over a metre of space wasted between excessively sized travel and parking lanes.

Totally agree about all the quick fixes though. It's frustrating how a little it would take to make these lanes actually useful.

- the "intern at city hall"

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