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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted June 27, 2014 at 09:42:55

Related to this and the Don Hull story, there's a comment on CBC Hamilton that discusses the complete failure of management in the HSR:

pointing to the complete mismanagement of the HSR under Hull (who is getting a golden-parachute of a zero-responsibility high-paying job at City Hall in spite of his catastrophic failure):


A director that allows his managerial staff to continually pull the wool over his eyes, without ever validating their lies, - is completely out to lunch and needs to go.

NO - Harassment and Discrimination in the workplace is not OK. To males or females. NO - the schedules are not OK. You are the Director and you don't even know this - the basics?

We do not get breaks, we do not have toilet breaks, we do not have a meal break and there is never anytime at the end of the line because we never make it there on time as we are always late - (yes - there are a few gravy jobs - that actually see time at the end of the line - but as I said - they are a few, and none that the majority of us can hold)

OR better yet a schedule that our passengers can depend on so they don"t yell at us when we show up late to them, but doing the best we can within our means.

Your planning manager is afraid to see the reality of his creations. He knows he has created a Frankenstein and hides daily from it. Its time to move on and make room for someone who knows what they are doing - someone who lives in the 21st century.

Harassment and Discrimination against females has been considered unacceptable for a long time now. Its unfortunate we are still just trying to learn this message in 2014 at the HSR with apparent senior leaders.

As I recall, when these allegations first arose, with Amy, Bonnie and Jen, and then "Employee A", Don Hull did not have 2 portfolios until 2011 or 2012. Using this as an excuse for Don allows him to continue to hide Its just an excuse for Don, that all of us operators know did not exist. We, unlike Don, will not allow someone to pull the wool over our eyes, not even Chris Murray. We know what really went on and we live it every day

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