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By jason (registered) | Posted June 17, 2014 at 10:21:52 in reply to Comment 102546

I've chatted with staff and drivers who I know. Their schedules are pretty much on time, but there is a 30-60 minute period each day where they get bogged down in the International Village, which puts them slightly behind. However, once they hit the bus lane, they are back on schedule by the time they hit Dundurn. Simple solution that the city simply refuses to touch, both on Main and King - deprogram the lights. The lights on King are backwards (from every normal city). Instead of turning green from west to east to allow cars to move through John, Hughson etc.... they turn green from east to west. So, traffic bottled up at John has a green light while the cars in front of them are still sitting at a red at Hughson and James. This of course, is our freeway timing meant to allow people to drive through the city with their eyes closed.
In proper cities, the lights change in the opposite sequence.

Bay St needs to go two-way ASAP. This would allow us to extend the bus lane through the International Village and direct through cars to Cannon, Hunter or Wilson. International Village would take on a great vibe with only 1 car lane. Would be more local traffic, not people roaring out of town. Again, many cities intentionally re-direct through traffic. We encourage them to blast down King St.

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