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By calder12 (registered) - website | Posted June 17, 2014 at 09:37:39 in reply to Comment 102546

Well if you're taking everyone's opinion then I assume you'll take mine that I notice no difference at all in times.

I never suggested that public transit wasn't more efficient, so what that graphic has to do with anything at all escapes me. A bus holds more people and is a more efficient means of transportation. That's obvious and was never in question. Whether said bus, which does relate to significantly less traffic than the cars down town do requires an entire lane is what the question was.

I put forward AGAIN that down town driving is basically a parking lot during rush hour, it was bad before it is a lot worse now. Making driving down town worse will not increase public transit users, it will just hurt down town businesses, and again a lot of which have signs in their windows asking for that lane to be removed.

Given your attitude here I really hope you are paying attention to both sides because it honestly sounds to me like you're looking for reasons to defend the lane and not evidence.

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