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By calder12 (registered) - website | Posted June 17, 2014 at 08:27:43 in reply to Comment 102538

Well, I apologize then it certainly seemed like you were taking offence, but you're still under the impression that I'm saying anything is balanced at the moment.

I do disagree that we'll magically have lots of cyclists year round too with the addition of these lanes. I live on Main Street near down town, do you know how many cyclists I saw this winter? None. Not one single cyclist once the snow started falling, now I am sure there were some but if I can live on the street and not see any that would say to me that there aren't that many. Cycling in the snow and sub zero temperatures may be more fun for some, I'm going to go out on a limb again and suggest those people are still in the minority of cyclists.

I am not suggesting that we not do something, quite the contrary. I am all for the bus lanes on Hunter, although they need work they're a good start. I'm all for making the streets safer for cyclists AND drivers since uneducated and dangerous cyclists cause accidents too. But I am not for making a city, that by your own claims, has decent traffic flow for the majority (and you're right I should have mentioned the specific issues and not generalised the whole city as bad) and ruin it. How would lanes like this work on Barton St. (or second most populated bus route) or Queenston Rd.? These are streets where even during slow times we can't afford to lose entire car/truck/bus lanes and during rush hour it would be a disaster.

The places these special lanes would make the most sense are the places where putting them in would do the most damage to traffic flow overall. There are all kinds of places we could do it without impeding traffic but then those places wouldn't make enough difference since they're not heavily travelled.

Hamilton is not the Netherlands, we're more populated and just going by the video alone showing those spots built entirely different. You'd have to either take car lanes or take buildings to make these lanes happen in 80% of the city. Which makes sense to you?

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