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By AnjoMan (registered) | Posted June 17, 2014 at 08:15:30 in reply to Comment 102533

I'm not attacking you. I'm not suggesting you are anti-bike. I'm just pointing out that the claims you make are not universally accepted. You can continue to claim that Hamilton has a congestion problem, that cyclists generally only ride 50% of the year and that somehow having infrastructure that is actually safe for all modes is unbalanced, but you have to be ready for the fact that people will disagree with those claims.

What you are calling 'attacking, offensive behaviour' is nothing more than disagreement with your point of view.

I would also like to say that Toronto does not have more bikers because 'its a nightmare to drive' here. The simple fact is that cycling is cheaper and more fun than driving, and there literally is no way that any city could accommodate the number of people commuting in Toronto if they all drove. There is so much in Toronto that people want to be there even though it is impossible for them to drive there.

Cities are by definition dense and crowded. What you want for Hamilton (not to be a 'nightmare for driving') is essentially that it not really become as dense and thriving of an urban place as it needs to be in order to succeed. I know people who won't go to Toronto because its a pain to drive, but I also know that the reason they think this way is because they drive there every time, and because they can't imagine a different lifestyle from their own. Its their own limited viewpoint, not a problem with the city, that keeps them away. Are we to design our cities to placate those who are unwilling to imagine what it would be like to live in the city?

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