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By calder12 (registered) - website | Posted June 16, 2014 at 21:14:05 in reply to Comment 102509

And this is exactly the type of attacking offensive behaviour I was alluding to. Let's get a couple of things straight. 1. I never said this, or any bike infrastructure was bad. I said we need to think it through and all the implications first. 2. I never said what we have now is balanced, it's far from it, but I don't want to see a big bandwagon jumping effort and have the balance swing the other way either. Like it or not most of the traffic in cities our size is car/truck traffic and our businesses are supplied by trucks.

You can call us the 20 minute city but I guarantee that doesn't apply at rush hours and it sure as hell doesn't apply on Barton, or King down town where it's been reduced to two lanes. It applies on King and Main where they're multiple lanes in each direction. Our two lane streets are awful traffic and down town is an absolute joke since the bandwagon forced giving the 5% of the traffic that the HSR represents 33% of the lanes. THIS is exactly the type of thing I'm against rushing into, ask the down town businesses what they think of it, most of them have flyers in their windows against that stupid lane.

If you'd take a second and realize that just because I'm not jumping up and down screaming that this should happen NOW doesn't mean I'm against it. Pick your battles and make sure those you choose to battle are actually the opposition, attacking someone for having slightly different viewpoints makes you look foolish.

I also am going to stand by my opinion that the vast majority of cycle traffic in this city is only ever going to be for 50% of the year, there are a certain number of "die hards" that will cycle year round, they are a small minority of cyclists though. Toronto has more cyclists and more year round riders simply because that city is a nightmare to drive in, I know people that won't go there because of it, that is precisely what I don't want Hamilton to become.

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