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By KevinLove (registered) | Posted June 16, 2014 at 12:59:38 in reply to Comment 102492

According to Google street view, King and Macklin is a good example that is almost up to Dutch standards. The only thing that is missing is the concrete protective island.

Right now, at King and Macklin, the area between the bus lane and the cycle lane is protected with nothing more than paint. Which is really no protection at all. Bus passengers waiting there are exposed to car drivers going right by them at high speeds. Scary!

I strongly suspect that, in reality, bus passengers wait on the sidewalk. Since zero extra sidewalk space was provided for a waiting area, this creates conflicts with pedestrians using the sidewalk for transportation. Particularly if people are using baby carriages or wheelchairs.

Another source of conflict arises when the bus arrives. Passengers will then be impatient to cross the cycle lane en masse, creating conflict with cyclists.

A proper Dutch style protective island removes all these conflicts. Passengers have a safe place to wait for the bus, so that they do not obstruct the sidewalk. Passengers cross the cycle lane when they arrive, not when the bus arrives, so they have plenty of time to wait for a break in cycle traffic.

No conflict, no stress! That's Dutch design!

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