Comment 102475

By Henry and Joe (anonymous) | Posted June 15, 2014 at 11:22:07 in reply to Comment 102455

^I think you're right in the case of a majority, but in a minority parliament it can be effective, because the member can rattle cages without having to vote against the party line. I personally didn't think the Libs, or anyone, would have won a majority. The liberal candidate from Ham East SC did a bad job appealing to Ham East. Stoney Creek is going to vote liberal regardless, so there was no need to grandstand on LRT. Coming out with an anti transit piece is not going to win him any votes in East Hamilton, where people want better transit (I think). That was poor strategy on the part of Luksic. You're right that Ham Centre was a foregone conclusion. I am not sure what the deal is on Ham mountain though.

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