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By Freshair (registered) | Posted June 14, 2014 at 11:21:50

Statistics Canada reported that the Hamilton area of Ontario has lost over 42,000 steel manufacturing jobs from 2003 until 2013. During that period of time Andrea Howarth and the NDP have relentlessly pursued a policy of anti-industrialism that not only has driven away steel manufacturing jobs but also has reduced opportunities in Ontario's Nickel Belt by impeding their development of strong local homegrown markets for Ring of Fire minerals and driven energy costs higher by continuously road blocking cheap, carbon free nuclear power.

The NDP's constant anti-pipeline, anti-wind, anti-solar, anti-gas plant, anti-nuclear, anti-high speed rail, anti-hydro transmission towers and soon to be announced anti-biomass crusades defies logic.

Logically with more and more consumer goods being manufactured globally and sold locally in Ontario the less need there is for steel products made here, hence then we need to encourage the growth of made in Ontario industrial uses for our steel.

Thankfully Liberal culture is not vindictive because they supported bringing solar and wind power technologies to Ontario. One Megawatt of wind energy requires 450 metric tons of high quality steel and iron products primarily manufactured out of Ontario minerals processed in the Hamilton area. One Megawatt of solar power requires 4,000 metric tons of mainly speciality steels. One Megawatt of carbon free nuclear power requires 50 metric tons of steel to construct. One Megawatt of gas plant power uses 5 metric tons of steel and over 20 more metric tons of steel piping for natural gas transportation.

Thanks to the Liberals 3,500 steel manufacturing jobs have been regained in the Hamilton area thus far with their Green Energy Act and the Liberals will continue to add more positive job growth going forward with upgrading Ontario's infrastructure into the 21st Century.

Why Hamiltonians are falling victim to the Siren's songs from the NDP seems illogical, do they not realize the NDP abandonment of the 42,000 Hamilton area workers that have lost their jobs is more proof the NDP patriarchal "new socialist economy" is harmful to people's right to access living wage employment?

Albeit the NDP try to cast blame on the Liberals for rising energy costs, in reality though the NDP incessant road blocking of building base load nuclear power plants producing levelized cost of electricity rates at 5 cents a kilowatt, is hindering Hamilton steel worker families from putting food on the table because of the lack of a local steel products market.

For the record the gasplants were relocated, the only thing cancelled were their locations, Ontario still gets real power plants with their investments. Thus far Tim Hudak's wife has walked away with $40,900 of taxpayers money for an unspecified litany of documents she forwarded to the Oakville power plant owners whilst they were negotiating with Ontario's Government to find a safer location. When Ontario's justice committee requested that Hudak's wife turn over those documents the NDP refused the request and formed an alliance with the PC to blackout any and all culpability of Mike Harris ex-staffers interfering with the Government's ability to negotiate a business deal with the power generators. The NDP/PC alliance further went on to misrepresent the moving of the gas plants to safer locations as scandal, by allowing the submission and introduction of second hand information written notes by PC party members that were on the payroll of the Oakville power generator as lobbyists at the time and in the case of Tim Hudak's wife as a supposed "media consultant". The NDP also submitted after the fact unconfirmed dated hand written "second hand" notes claiming that unnamed people heard government statements whilst they lurked around outside Ministers offices.

i.m.h.o. The NDP should be driven out of Hamilton until such a time they get real again and start caring about the people instead of their political desires for themselves first before the good of the people.

Honestly, for over a decade now Howarth et al have done nothing but try to stop people in Hamilton from working if you don't believe listen to what they say about not building anything in Ontario or Canada that requires steel and iron products manufactured in Hamilton.

Link to justice committee proving Howarth's NDP joining Hudak's PC to defeat Liberal request for copies of documents Tim Hudak's wife continuously selling government information and billing $40,900 to Ontario tax payers thus far as exposed:

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