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By misterque (registered) - website | Posted June 12, 2014 at 19:40:22 in reply to Comment 102376

I grew up in Vancouver and visit my dad regularly. Even today Vancouver is still finding ways to improve its cycling infrastructure. The walkability, bicycle support, and rocking transit are CHOICES that Vancouver has made that improve on its dark gloomy winters of endless rain. The gridlock problem is not in downtown Vancouver. The gridlock problem is in those suburbs that have bent over for the car and are sucking the teat of low density big house syndrome. There will never be enough highway for those suburbs. Ever. I can attest to that being the case as of 2 weeks ago (May 2014). So the choices based on evidence are the best for the city. The pathetic scarcity mentality of Hamilton's so called elite is digging our grave. Our neighbouring cities will not wait. We can buy a wiener factory from Kitchener, but they are building their LRT.

Also this is supposed to part of a system. The system needs good safe roads, transit, walkability, regional trains, and highways. The present process is systemless, siloed and pathetic. We deserve it all and we can have it all.

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