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By Mal (anonymous) | Posted June 12, 2014 at 13:42:01 in reply to Comment 102369

"Today my wife and I are going to go and vote for a candidate who has consistently supported Hamilton's LRT and demonstrated this consistency by supporting the revenue tools to pay for it."

I trust you're talking about Peter Ormond. ;)

IIRC, with the spring budget the Liberals rejected all of Metrolinx's major revenue tools, struck a second panel and rejected its advice, repurposed existing funding, earmarked TBD "net revenue gains from certain asset sales" (alongside revenue from non-existent HOT lanes they announced a year ago), hitting up the feds.

And for all this political calculation, the total funding generated is still a fraction of what is needed to complete the 2008 Big Move -- whether you use McCuaig's inflation-immune $34 billion or Paul Bedford's more pragmatic $3 billion annual requirement. The above measures allegedly generate $15 billion, less than has been spent on the Big Move to date.

Naturally, additional top-up will be available: "By unlocking value from its assets [already accounted for in the original list, but whatever] and encouraging more Ontarians to save through a proposed new Ontario Retirement Pension Plan, new pools of capital would be available for Ontario-based projects such as building roads, bridges and new transit."

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