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By KevinLove (registered) | Posted June 12, 2014 at 10:34:31

Today my wife and I head out to the polls to vote. Living in Hamilton Centre, we have one of the party leaders, Andrea Horwath, on our ballot.

Our commitment to social justice issues leads us to support The Big Move, particularly LRT in Hamilton. For us, the defining moment for this election was when the present government showed great courage in putting on the table the revenue tools to pay for The Big Move.

If Andrea Horwath had been faithful to the social justice principles of the NDP, she would have worked with the government to put in place these taxes to finance The Big Move and Hamilton's LRT. But she did not.

It is one thing to pay lip service to social justice principles. But when Andrea Horwath rejected the taxes to pay for these principles she revealed this support as mere idle hypocrisy.

Mature adults realize that we do not get good things without paying for them.
We cannot support a politician who hypocritically says "I support The Big Move" out of one side of her mouth and out of the other side of her mouth says "I do not support the taxes to pay for it."

Today we go and vote. Today my wife and I are going to go and vote for a candidate who has consistently supported Hamilton's LRT and demonstrated this consistency by supporting the revenue tools to pay for it.

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