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By KevinLove (registered) | Posted June 11, 2014 at 13:04:39

As part of the Ward 2 Participatory Budget Process, right now City staff have been submitted proposals to implement some of the improvements that the DNA has been fighting to achieve for the last 38 years. Specifically, proposals to eliminate some of the cut-through "rat-running" car traffic that poses the greatest danger to us residents and our children.

It is not difficult to predict that if these proposals actually make it onto the ballot, they will have the same overwhelming support from the people that they have had for the last 38 years.

These proposals are certainly nothing new or radical. They simply ask for the same consideration granted to virtually every residential neighbourhood in The Netherlands. As well, there are numerous examples in Toronto and Vancouver with a proven track records of success. It is not hard to predict that, if implemented, this success will continue in Hamilton and that after implementation there would be overwhelming opposition from the people to the very idea of ever going back to our present hostile and dangerous environment.

It is my sincere prayer that City staff will catch up to the year 1976 and condescend to allow the people of Ward 2 to vote to take back their streets and their neighbourhoods for us people and our children.

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