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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted June 11, 2014 at 12:27:58 in reply to Comment 102327

I've written extensively about the 2002 Durand Traffic Study, and it did represent incremental progress. But the overall attitude of the traffic engineers has been exactly as described in the book (at least until recently ... things might finally be changing).

However, the changes made were quite modest considering the effort and this was 12 years ago (and one of the constraints was that no change could remove a parking spot, even if the total number of parking spots increased). Since then the DNA has been trying to have the results reviewed (there was supposed to be five year review that never happened) and have further improvements made, with little success. There has not been consistent improvement, and each change requires massive community effort and constant pushing from our councillor.

A prime example is the Durand's treatment when we agreed to co-host public health's "Walk and Bike for Life Workshop"

"A few years ago the DNA, on the City's request, hosted the "Walk and Bike for Life" workshop with 8-80 Cities (Gil Penalosa's outfit). I was skeptical at the time, but city staff (from public health) assured us the recommendations would be taken very seriously and at least some implemented.

After a year of no response to the resulting report, and constant reminders from our councillor, traffic staff finally met with the DNA to tell us they would not make any changes at all. This was especially galling as Penalosa specifically had us add in "petunias": low cost, simple solutions that could be implemented very quickly and easily."

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