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By erskinec (registered) - website | Posted June 11, 2014 at 07:47:18

Developers are developers. Some are good and some are bad.

The real issue is not the developer, it is the process that lead to this result. If the process is not corrected then all designated heritage buildings are in endanger.

People treat the heritage designation as some kind of magic bullet, but the reality is that if the process is not fixed then you can say goodbye to the Kerr Buildings, the school buildings, the Heritage, and the parking issue house on James St.

Why isn't the Heritage Permit Review Sub-Committee protecting designated buildings?

Why was their decision (made by a committee of volunteers) allowed to stand so that they ok the demolition of a demolition of a heritage designated building?

Why was alternation permit allowed to stand unchallenged by city politicians at the Heritage Committee, the Planning and Economic Development Committee, and City Council.

My Understanding is that the Durand Neightbourhood Association has been pushing City Council to act but they have refused - why?

It is my understanding that the Director of Planning and Economic Development ok the demolition - Why?

Where is the report of City Staff on the fulfilment of the lengthly length of conditions that the Developer to achieve?

When and where will this report on conditions to be made public?

There are lots of questions here, the focus should not be on the developer but on City Hall.

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