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By doncyclist (anonymous) | Posted June 09, 2014 at 13:27:20

I worked in that building for 19 years and I am amazed that they are trying to save any of it. I not sure that the front will be there in the end; I believe that it too is very weak and could be a danger to the community. It is a poorly built and maintained building that has become a danger to the health of the community. Those of you who only look at the outside and love everything old, are also the ones who never want their taxes to go up and never want to pay anything out of their own pockets. It is every easy to think you know the full story but in the end you are simply making a lot of noise.

I for one am hoping whatever goes on that corner will help the city to renew and become more beautiful than it was. There are so many serious issues that we need to spend time on I am sorry that I am wasting any of my time replying to this nonsense.

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