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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted June 04, 2014 at 12:09:31 in reply to Comment 102016

... the casing on your user-name has changed - jeremy_s vs Jeremy_S. I'm now confused at how RTH handles usernames. Anyways, sadly the 1-way stretch of John is deliberate. The city and the HWDSB work together on this - they like 1-way streets in front of schools as a sort of simplified kiss-and-ride.

However, the city does have a sort of bizarre compromise in Westdale for George R Allan Elementary - instead of a 1-way on Cline, Cline at King is a simple do-not-enter with an exempted bike-lane painted in. It does create confusion because 99% of the traffic on that stretch of Cline is heading the same direction (and pulling over on the left) making it a de-facto 1-way, with bikes explicitly allowed to go in the opposite direction. Occasionally drivers pulling away from the left curb and cyclists travelling against the de-facto 1-way flow do have close calls, but it's a low-speed environment so I can't imagine anybody getting hurt.

Perhaps a contra-flow bike-lane could be arranged for the 1-way stretch of John? A yellow line and some bike symbols, that's it.

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